Smart radar

Take it! Shake it! Go!

FOXTAIL smart radar for bicycle utilises the same detection principle as radars installed in the rear view mirrors of a car. As an object approaches a bicycle from the rear, a cyclist will hear a distinct buzz.

It is extremely easy to use

FOXTAIL smart radar has a really compact size

Hazard detection range

FOXTAIL smart radar is detecting hazard up to 10 meters behind you.

Power and battery

100% battery charge is enough for more than 4 hours of using radar and tail light together.

Useful smartphone application for iOS and Android which show you relative distance to the hazard and could automaticaly switch on a tail light at nighttime.


Not only a radar

The tail light has a unique red-amber light colour, and turns on depending on the time of a day.
For more safety FOXTAIL smart radar’s tail light can function in two modes – steady light or blinking.

We decided to make cycling a little safer!

Do you think about road safety as much as we do?

FOXTAIL smart radar

Take it! Shake it! Go!


Size and Weight

Width: 71 mm (2¾“)
Height: 71 mm (2¾“)
Depth: 31 mm (1¼”)
Bracket: 52 mm (2”)

Tail Light

16 LEDs yielding 16000 mcd total light intensity

Power and Battery

2000mAh battery is enough for about 4 hours of cycling using radar, or 8 hours of using the tail light only

Splash and Water Resistant

Tight housing with ingress protection up to IP52

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FOXTAIL smart radar

We at FOXTAIL have decided to make cycling a little safer and developed smart bicycle radar, which not only warns you about a hazard, but also displays it on the screen of your smartphone.

From $195

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